What Chefs Are Saying

Richard Blais - Top Chef All Stars Winner and Owner, Flip Burger Boutique, Atlanta, GA    

"By cooking with the SousVide Supreme, you achieve perfect results every single time."

Katherine Emmenegger - Executive Chef, Great News! Cooking School, San Diego, CA

"The SousVide Supreme reigns supreme for ease of use, accuracy, and clean ability. I recommend it to anyone desiring healthy meals prepared with precision that are ready to serve when you are."

Susie Norris - Founder/President & Chef, Happy Chocolates, Los Angeles, CA

"SousVide Supreme’s precision in temperature is a gift to those of us who work with chocolate. We need exact temperatures to control the chemistry of chocolate, and SousVide provides that. At a recent faculty meeting at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, all the chef/instructors, each with a different specialty, received a tutorial in Sous Vide cooking. We were dazzled by the possibilities."

Sharone Hakman - FOX's MasterChef

"The SousVide Supreme allows you to take any cut of meat, expensive or inpexpensive, and turn it into something remarkably tender, perfectly cooked, and delicious."

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